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The Mute Monk: A Short Story

The following is a preview of an original story that was delivered as the main element of the Reformation Sunday sermon presented to the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church (Clive, Iowa) on October 27, 2013. The entire story is available as an Amazon Kindle e-book and is compatible with any Kindle device and free Kindle reading apps.

Many centuries ago, there was a monk who was unable to speak. The monk had been mute his entire life, issuing no cries as an infant nor any words as he grew into a young man. Because of his condition, the young man was ostracized and even feared by the local townspeople, and while his parents did not disown him, they did not cherish him as a child should be cherished. Despite his deep perceptivity and intelligence, the stigma of being mute severely limited the young man’s educational and vocational options. And so at the age of fifteen, the young man left home, setting out on foot into the liberating darkness of night with nothing but a small, tattered bible. He walked all through the night and into the following morning and did not stop until, as the sun began to slouch below the horizon, he had reached the top of his destination’s long, stone stairway. The young man gripped the monastery door’s heavy iron doorknocker, thumped it three times, and held his breath. The door unlatched and he was wordlessly motioned inside. With relief and gratitude, the young man stepped into his new life as a monk…

The Mute Monk: A Short Story (Kindle Edition)
by Jake Bouma
$0.99 Kindle Purchase
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  • Everyone

    I hope you realize how incredibly this is written. You have a gift.

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