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The in-between & chemotherapy, round two [+Video]

I made it through another round of chemo. Two down, six more to go (hopefully).

The corresponding video is over sixteen minutes long, so make sure you’re comfortable before you hit play. This particular video contains a few more confessional-style clips, which record my thoughts and emotions at certain points in time. It’s important to me that everybody gets a glimpse into what it’s like not just to receive the actual treatment, but to be in anticipation of and recovery from said treatment.

If you’re unable to see the video embedded below, click here to watch it on Vimeo. Thanks to Erik, by the way, for suggesting that I include the “# days since treatment” subtitles in the videos to help create some sense of chronology.

Additional, non-video updates

  • As of this posting, the Kickstarter campaign is now well over $8,000 and climbing. THANK YOU. But don’t think that we’re stopping here — there are still 30 days left in the campaign, and our new goal is to surpass $10,000. And so Nate has added a new reward to anybody who donates $100 or more: A copy of the film will be sent as a special-edition DVD with your name attached as the personal donor to a cancer treatment center of your choice. More money raised = more exposure, so keep spreading the word!
  • Speaking of making videos, the previously mentioned Flip video situation has been totally remedied. A wonderful group of folks from my church graciously gifted me a brand new third generation Flip Ultra HD, which I used for the final two or three clips in the video above. In addition to the video camera, Libby and I have received several other lovely gifts in the last several weeks — to the gifters (you know who you are): Thank you. (N.B. This is decidedly not a deplorably cloaked call for more gifts. It’s a “thank you” and a “thank you” only.)
  • I had a great lunch and conversation on Tuesday with my friend Brandon. One of the topics discussed was how God is clearly using my transparency in dealing with this disease to impact the lives of others. For whatever yet-unidentified reasons, I am and have been reticent to clearly and decisively articulate this — I guess it’s a “growing edge.” But I do ardently believe the words of Romans 8:28: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” I mean, just look at this.
  • In my excitement for Sergio De La Pava’s A Naked Singularity to (re-)release, I ordered his second book, Personae, which arrived today. I’m committing myself to completing it, making it my first start-to-finish cancer read. From the back cover:

    At issue is what will become of this grand edifice. We built it up and into the sky in the hopes of reaching heaven and now as it crumbles down around us we find that this great distance we thought we’d traveled can close in an instant. So what now? Because a person flung backward by adversity can run away in the direction flung, meekly stay put, or slowly, grudgingly, inch-by-inch until foot-by-foot begin the journey back whence he came to resume the struggle.

    Yeah. Don’t quote me on this (actually, go ahead), but I’m convinced that De La Pava will be one of the next literary greats, alongside Wallace, Franzen, Bolaño, et al.

  • Don’t forget that the Cancer & Theology series officially launches this coming Monday with some words from the inimitable Tony Jones.

As always, thanks for your continued love, support, and prayer. It’s time for me to play with our new iPad.

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  • D’oh! Just noticed a glaring error late in the video; I messed up one of the subtitles.

  • EricG

    I hope the side effects are going ok this round.

  • Keri Sukowatey

    You are an incredible and moving piece of humanity, Jake Bouma.