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Jake & Libby

Welcome to JakeBouma.com, the personal weblog I have maintained since March 2005.

Here’s some quick information about me:

I currently reside in Des Moines, Iowa, where I serve as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Faith Lutheran Church,1 while slooowwwly working towards an M.A. in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary.

I married the love of my life, Libby, on May 14, 2011 (pictured, above left). We’re DINKs, but we do have two cats: Dietrich and Klaus.

Below, you’ll find my personal webdesign history, which I wrote a few years ago; shortly after JakeBouma.com was conceived.

Jake has been tinkering with web design since 1998, his freshman year in high school. His first actual website, which has had well over 500,000 visitors since its creation, was called Jake’s Movie Wavs – a place to download sound clips of lines from movies. He got a $50 check in the mail once for advertising on this website. Since then, he has received no paychecks. Jake’s Movie Wavs was only the beginning, however. At one point, under the encouragement of his mother, he formed a web design business called Jadabo Web Design. The name, also encouraged by his mother, is formed when using the first two letters of his whole name – Jacob Daniel Bouma. Jadabo Web Design had zero clients in its existence.

After shaking off the dust of failure, Jake kept on exploring the frontiers of web design. This was during the same time that instant messaging was becoming a huge success thanks to AOL Instant Messenger, so he created a webpage that had people’s screen names from his high school class. The Valley High School Internet Index, although pretty much pointless by now, was quite useful in its heyday. Jake still maintains that the dancing stick figure at the top of the webpage is his best web design decision to date.

It is quite obvious that Jake’s web design skills are… lacking, yet he keeps cranking them out despite it. He created and maintains the website for Luther College’s male a cappella group, Undeclared (link dead), as well as the website for a hilarious band of which he is a member, Dr. Thunder & the Generic Sodas (link dead).

In 2002, Jake discovered a new internet phenomenon – “blogging”. He apparently has a little bit of blog-schizophrenea, because he has had four separate blogs since then. It began with a blog entitled I’m Serious, which he updated until June, 2004, when he decided that he was cool enough and smart enough to host his own blog (link dead) from Luther’s servers. This blog nicely coincided with a “personal homepage” (link dead) he was forced to create for a class he took called Educational Psychology. Not surprisingly, he got tired of the design of this blog, and switched back to blogger and a new blog called My Stupid Mouth. In what is arguably his best actual blogging effort to date, Jake documented his trip overseas to Greece and Turkey in this blog.

Enter JakeBouma.com. Shortly after one of Jake’s longtime friends and co-web enthusiast, Andrew Stone, bought his own domain name, Andrew encouraged Jake to do the same, knowing the incredible amount of joy Jake would receieve from such a purchase. After many long hours in front of the computer and many broken knuckles, JakeBouma.com is what you see today.

  1. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are strictly mine and have not been reviewed and/or endorsed by Faith Lutheran Church or the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Don’t blame them for my shoddy theology.